Thursday, 15 April 2010


Elation doesn't quite cover it. Things finally working out after a tough couple of weeks. *BIG SIGH* maybe now i can get some damn sleep. For those reading this it would be amazingly awesome if you would go checkout <--- where i work :) still in early developement stage and very open to new ideas and directions we could take. go check it out guys. Not currently pushing it on twitter at the moment because it is still being designed and bugs ironed out ect (you know the score with new software) anyway try it and tell me what you think, you never know you might enjoy it ;) this is my works blog i post on there to. i created the little movies early on as ideas of a fun way to promote what we do. Anyway stay frosty peeps and as i've just watched Aliens all i gotta say is "stop your grinning and drop your linen"
Post again soon.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Iphone sketcbook drawing

Most people have seen this already but this is my blog and i'll post if i want to ;) this iphone sketch is the one i'm most proud of beating most of the pencil sketches I have done ironically. took me a couple hours to bang this out.

The Grand National

So due to popular demand I'm blogging about this small thing called the Grand National or something, I know as much about horse racing as i do about quantum physics. so here goes. Apparently i've put a pound each way (cheap skate, probably =P ) on hello bud, snowy morning and the package. so heres hoping for some winnings because god knows i need a win right now. Hoping the part Irish in the wife constitutes some of their luck. Anyway fingers crossed folks.

My first blog post

After talking to a good friend on twitter he suggested i start my own blog, Whether this is a good idea or not we shall see lol. If you follow expect to see a collection of my work (some 3D and 2D artwork) and occasional ramblings about my life. Together i'm sure we will get through this safely (hmmm probably) and have some laughs along the way.